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Two players fined for beer chugging get beer sponsorships

Raise a glass to the No Fun League.

Two players who were fined last year for beer-chugging celebrations have received beer sponsorships. Via Thomas Barrabi of FOX Business, Chiefs tackle Eric Fisher and Ravens cornerback Marcus Peters are among the first NFL players to get individual Bud Light sponsorships under a new rule the league passed in 2019.

Both were fined $14,037 for beer-infused celebrations during the past season. Peters did it in Week 14, and Fisher did it in the postseason.

Also getting a sponsorship with Bud Light was Giants receiver Golden Tate, who posted a video on social media in 2018 during which he chugged a beer.

So the message to all players is clear: There’s a benefit to being seen chugging a beer, even if there’s a cost that precedes it.

And the NFL surely won’t complain. Bud Light agreed to a six-year, $1.4 billion sponsorship with the NFL back in 2015.